A Fistful of Suburbia

The ‘Burbs was featured in Episode 25 and Morricone’s score for The Hateful Eight was a 3 Men favourite of 2016. Here’s the splendid scene from Joe Dante’s movie using Morricone’s score from My Name Is Nobody, with lots and lots of Leone-esque camera moves.

Ethan Hawke Talks Explorers

Part of the excellent DP/30 series of interviews on YouTube, Ethan discusses his career – beginning with the highs and lows of his experience auditioning for Explorers, making the movie, and living with its subsequent failure.

Well worth a look, even if you’re not an Ethan Hawke maniac like Mitch.

Episode 40: Explorers (1985)

Marking the feature film debuts of both Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix, 1985’s Explorers failed spectacularly during initial release. Marred by studio interference it remains one of Joe Dante’s lesser films, though it is considered by some as a minor cult classic!

Cross brings it to the table to find out whether it deserves a place in our collective ’80s hearts.


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