Wider Withnail Reading

As mentioned in this week’s episode, there are several books we’d recommend you seeking out for a deeper appreciation of Withnail & I.

(Links to Amazon and Hive provided – we don’t get any kickbacks from either, though I will say that Hive do support local book stores…)

Richard E. Grant – With Nails

Grant’s witty and acerbic diary kept from just before he got the part of Withnail through the likes of The Player, Hudson Hawk, Dracula and The Age of Innocence.





Alistair Owen – Smoking In Bed (Conversations With Bruce Robinson)

A series of thorough and expansive interviews covering every stage of his career. Far more than just a chronicler of drunken excess, Robinson is a fascinating character and his opinions and insights to the world in general make for a terrific read. Worth it for the chapter on Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project alone. Highly recommended!





Bruce Robinson – Withnail And I Screenplay

One of the most readable screenplays there is, and worth it for Robinson’s uniquely descriptive prose as well as a few scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut.




Episode 18: Withnail & I (1987)

Our first audience choice episode, nominated by listener Laura Livingston. Bruce Robinson’s tale of squalid living at the fag end of the sixties was not a success on initial release but has gathered an enormous following in the thirty years since. Of course Gordy hasn’t seen it until now…

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Anatomy of a Great Car Chase

The third and final instalment of Aaron Aradillas & Richard Seitz’s three-part video essay, On The Go, features the car chase from To Live And Die In LA in its entirety. While best viewed as a part of the whole series, this instalment still gives plenty of insight into just how great the sequence is all by itself.

William Friedkin Talks About Everything

As well as being one of the greatest movie directors of the last fifty years, William Friedkin has terrific chat. Interviewed here for the remastered Blu-Ray release of To Live And Die In LA he is characteristically forthcoming on a veritable plethora of topics such as the casting of TLADILA and the fact that Oliver Stone is full of shit.

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Episode 14: To Live And Die In LA (1985)

Mitch takes us to the darker side of the City of Angels in William Friedkin’s Wang Chung saturated crime thriller To Live & Die In LA, as William Peterson’s Secret Service agent relentlessly pursues counterfeiter Willem Dafoe. Made at the height of the ’80s and influencing a whole slew of cop thrillers in its wake, will the three men find the substance beneath the style?

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