The Peculiar Memories of Bruce Robinson

Excellent Channel 4 documentary from 1999 covering the whole of Withnail & I creator Robinson’s career up to that point. Featuring contributions from the likes of Andy Garcia, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Woolley, Roland Joffe and David Puttnam.

It provides a fascinating insight into the mind and work of Robinson, whose other credits include The Killing Fields, Jennifer 8, In Dreams, Fat Man & Little Boy and the novel The Peculiar Memories ofย  Thomas Penman.

Anatomy of a Great Car Chase

The third and final instalment of Aaron Aradillas & Richard Seitz’s three-part video essay, On The Go, features the car chase from To Live And Die In LA in its entirety. While best viewed as a part of the whole series, this instalment still gives plenty of insight into just how great the sequence is all by itself.