John Carpenter 101

For those of you so inclined here are a couple of articles outlining the impact and cultural relevance of the man…read them here and here

Also below are some youtube clips of the man himself, live in concert…

Christine          They Live          Big Trouble In Little China

The Neon Demon – A Feast For The Ears

Although the movie itself fiercely divided critical opinion, one thing all rational beings agreed on is that Cliff Martinez’s score to The Neon Demon was pretty fucking great. Reminiscent of ’80s Tangerine Dream with a sprinkling of Eno’s ambient works, it’s a proper treat for any discerning movie listener.

An early member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Martinez began scoring in the late eighties and first came to our attention with his excellent collaborations with Steven Soderbergh. He’s been consistently great ever since. Sadly it was recently announced that he will no longer to be scoring the upcoming Logan movie – the somewhat bland Marco Beltrami will take his place – hopefully this doesn’t mean that the movie itself has been similarly defanged.

In any event, here’s about 25 minutes of the Neon Demon to enjoy:

Sellers Talks to Parky

Peter Sellers always maintained that the secret to his chameleon-like performances was that he had no discernible personality of his own.

Here he is appearing on UK talk show Parkinson in 1974, demonstrating those impeccable impersonations but also talking candidly about his upbringing, The Goons and Sophia Loren amongst many other topics.

Steadicam & Blow Out

Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam, talks about Stanley Kubrick, his experience working on Blow Out (the first time De Palma had access to this revolutionary new technology), and lots more. Loads of technical goodness and behind the scenes anecdotes in this one.

Watch it HERE