S05E03: Bad Boys (1995)

Bad boys bad boys! Whatcha gonna do… whatcha gonna do! FINALLY, the men get to work on some Michael Bay action! We hit up his first movie release, Bad Boys. Who’s Marcus? Who’s Mike? All sorts of memories and chat are covered! Hope you enjoy the episode. Please rate on iTunes and share with your buddies.

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S05E01: Jojo Rabbit (2019)

It’s a new decade, and a new season of 3 Men And A Movie is underway! We’re starting things off with Taika Waititi’s new movie Jojo Rabbit.

Taika has a unique funny bone, so have a listen and see if it tickled both Cross and Gordy. Also to be noted that there’s a whole lot of sweetness to be found too, and in some ways unexpectedly. Hope you enjoy the episode! Please share and rate on iTunes!

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S04E08: The Fugitive (1993)

A gap in Gordy’s movie watching history. Turns out the Dr Kimble variety of Harrison Ford wasn’t his style in 1993. With the gap now filled, Cross and Gordy sit down to chat it out and with a slice of Tommy Lee Jones in there predictably, we hope you enjoy the episode! Please rate and share too!

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S04E06: Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

With a title that’s almost as edgy as our podcast, S. Craig Zahler follows up Brawl On Cell Block 99 with this little number! Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn star as two cops who aren’t against a little off the radar action.

Difficult to describe exactly what kinda movie it is, beyond suggesting you listen in on Gordy and Cross break it down. Please share, rate and enjoy!





S04E05: Casino (1995)

Gordy and Cross visited Vegas back in February. Thus making them more than qualified to get into the finer points of Scorsese’s Nevada crime epic.

Hope you enjoy the episode and let us know your thoughts! Also if you can review us on iTunes or share with your movie loving buddies it’s appreciated. And any audience suggestions are most welcome too!

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S04E04: Cobra Kai: Season 2 (2019)

We head back to the valley! We absolutely LOVED Season 1, will it be the same love-in this time around? Who are you with, Miyagi-Do or Cobra Kai dojo? Would love to hear your thoughts, and please review on iTunes and share the episode! Hope you enjoy!


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S04E02: Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Audience choice this week, so it is with thanks to Chris Ferrier that Cross and Gordy delve into prison camp life with the inimitable Paul Newman and his movie Cool Hand Luke. A lovely introduction by Ferrier lets us talk over all manner of takes on the movie and chain gang life. The life chooses you, you don’t choose the life! Or some such… well enjoy the episode! Please follow, share, rate.

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S04E01: Us (2019)

Hello! We are back! And we open up this new season with a hot take on the recent release ‘Us’. Jordan Peele follows up ‘Get Out’ with this home invasion horror (or is it?)

Hear what Cross and Gordy thought, with all the usual insight and intrigue! Hope you enjoy the episode, and if you do, please share with your friends and leave us a rating on iTunes. And as always, send us some movies you’d like us to discuss and even you could guest on it!


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S03E34: Outlaw King (2018)

Freedom! Wait, wrong movie. Gordy finally gets Cross to the table to talk over Outlaw King. Or better known as Black Douglas and Bruce On The Road. A film that will get into our cross border relations!

It was a good movie to finish the year with for the podcast, hope you enjoy it! A massive THANK YOU to all of you who downloaded, shared, reviewed our wee podcast. Look forward to talking with you next year! Cheers.

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