Our Top Ten – Chosen By You

As we pause to take time to reflect on an action packed year of movie podcasting, here’s a countdown of our most downloaded episodes:

10.   Audition (1999) dir Takashi Miike (Jap)

9.   Labyrinth (1986) dir Terry Jones (US/UK)

8.   Festen (1998) dir Thomas Vinterberg (Den/Swe)

7.   Wake In Fright (1971) dir Ted Kotcheff (Aus)

6.   To Live And Die In LA (1985) dir William Friedkin (US)

5.   The 39 Steps (1935) dir Alfred Hitchcock (UK)

4.   Kindergarten Cop (1990) dir Ivan Reitman (US)

3.   Singin’ In The Rain (1952) dir Stanley Donen (US)

2.   The Unbelievable Truth (1989) dir Hal Hartley (US)

1.   Top Gun (1986) dir Tony Scott (US)


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