Our Top Ten – Chosen By You

As we pause to take time to reflect on an action packed year of movie podcasting, here’s a countdown of our most downloaded episodes:

10.   Audition (1999) dir Takashi Miike (Jap)

9.   Labyrinth (1986) dir Terry Jones (US/UK)

8.   Festen (1998) dir Thomas Vinterberg (Den/Swe)

7.   Wake In Fright (1971) dir Ted Kotcheff (Aus)

6.   To Live And Die In LA (1985) dir William Friedkin (US)

5.   The 39 Steps (1935) dir Alfred Hitchcock (UK)

4.   Kindergarten Cop (1990) dir Ivan Reitman (US)

3.   Singin’ In The Rain (1952) dir Stanley Donen (US)

2.   The Unbelievable Truth (1989) dir Hal Hartley (US)

1.   Top Gun (1986) dir Tony Scott (US)


The Neon Demon – A Feast For The Ears

Although the movie itself fiercely divided critical opinion, one thing all rational beings agreed on is that Cliff Martinez’s score to The Neon Demon was pretty fucking great. Reminiscent of ’80s Tangerine Dream with a sprinkling of Eno’s ambient works, it’s a proper treat for any discerning movie listener.

An early member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Martinez began scoring in the late eighties and first came to our attention with his excellent collaborations with Steven Soderbergh. He’s been consistently great ever since. Sadly it was recently announced that he will no longer to be scoring the upcoming Logan movie – the somewhat bland Marco Beltrami will take his place – hopefully this doesn’t mean that the movie itself has been similarly defanged.

In any event, here’s about 25 minutes of the Neon Demon to enjoy:

New Year Special: Part 2

Gordy, Cross & Mitch continue their rambling yet deeply insightful chat, taking a look at the movie year ahead.

Highlights Include:

  • Why is Mitch not looking forward to Dunkirk?
  • Episode VII vs Rogue One
  • First movie crushes
  • Will we ever get over Prometheus?

With apologies to Jóhann Jóhannsson (composer of Arrival’s excellent score)



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New Year Special: Part 1

Gordy, Cross & Mitch take a look back over the highs and lows of 2016. Selecting some of their favourite, and not so favourite, podcast episodes & movies released over the last twelve months.

Covering such topics as:

  • Master & Commander vs Transformers
  • Are Cross & Mitch the Dementors of the podcast?
  • Is Arrival actually any good?



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