Sellers Talks to Parky

Peter Sellers always maintained that the secret to his chameleon-like performances was that he had no discernible personality of his own.

Here he is appearing on UK talk show Parkinson in 1974, demonstrating those impeccable impersonations but also talking candidly about his upbringing, The Goons and Sophia Loren amongst many other topics.


Episode 37: Three Fugitives (1989)

Francis Veber was invited to remake his own French movie Les Fugitifs for Hollywood. This resulted in Martin Short taking on the roles as would be bank robber meeting seasoned con Nick Nolte. Which in turn resulted in Gordy bringing this childhood favourite to the table.

Cross was already an established fan, but would it pass the Mitch Laugh Count Test? Perhaps more crucially, does it feature the mute child trope that Gordy (allegedly) loves so dearly?


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