Wider Withnail Reading

As mentioned in this week’s episode, there are several books we’d recommend you seeking out for a deeper appreciation of Withnail & I.

(Links to Amazon and Hive provided – we don’t get any kickbacks from either, though I will say that Hive do support local book stores…)

Richard E. Grant – With Nails

Grant’s witty and acerbic diary kept from just before he got the part of Withnail through the likes of The Player, Hudson Hawk, Dracula and The Age of Innocence.





Alistair Owen – Smoking In Bed (Conversations With Bruce Robinson)

A series of thorough and expansive interviews covering every stage of his career. Far more than just a chronicler of drunken excess, Robinson is a fascinating character and his opinions and insights to the world in general make for a terrific read. Worth it for the chapter on Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project alone. Highly recommended!





Bruce Robinson – Withnail And I Screenplay

One of the most readable screenplays there is, and worth it for Robinson’s uniquely descriptive prose as well as a few scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut.




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