Episode 21: The Devil’s Rejects (2005)


Hillbilly Gordy takes us on brutal road trip to hang out with one of his favourite cinematic families. A grisly and depraved tale of mayhem ensues. Rock star Rob Zombie’s second film was new to Mitch though Cross had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen during its cinematic release.

It’s one of Gordy’s favourite films…ever!?!  What will Cross and Mitch think…?

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Episode 20: Hell Drivers (1957)

Mitch has nominated this testosterone-fuelled British thriller starring Stanley Baker as a tough as nails truck driver pitting his nerve against Patrick McGoohan, with a star-studded British Who’s Who supporting cast featuring the likes of Herbert Lom, Sean Connery, Sid James, David McCallum, Peggy Cummins, Jill Ireland, William Hartnell, Gordon Jackson and Alfie Bass.

It’s new to both Gordy & Cross, and although it’s a little too criminally overlooked to be regarded as a classic, it is in black & white so what will they make of it?

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(With thanks to Anne Billson for the use of her review – BILLSON FILM DATABASE for Kindle available for 99p from Amazon – highly recommended!)

Episode 19: Match Point (2005)

It’s Wimbledon Men’s Finals day so what better movie to discuss than Woody Allen’s Match Point. Cross has selected this more dramatic turn from Allen – considered by many as a real return to form by the prolific film-maker. What will Gordy & Mitch make of it – has Woody served up an ace, or will they prefer his earlier, funny movies?

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Wider Withnail Reading

As mentioned in this week’s episode, there are several books we’d recommend you seeking out for a deeper appreciation of Withnail & I.

(Links to Amazon and Hive provided – we don’t get any kickbacks from either, though I will say that Hive do support local book stores…)

Richard E. Grant – With Nails

Grant’s witty and acerbic diary kept from just before he got the part of Withnail through the likes of The Player, Hudson Hawk, Dracula and The Age of Innocence.





Alistair Owen – Smoking In Bed (Conversations With Bruce Robinson)

A series of thorough and expansive interviews covering every stage of his career. Far more than just a chronicler of drunken excess, Robinson is a fascinating character and his opinions and insights to the world in general make for a terrific read. Worth it for the chapter on Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project alone. Highly recommended!





Bruce Robinson – Withnail And I Screenplay

One of the most readable screenplays there is, and worth it for Robinson’s uniquely descriptive prose as well as a few scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut.




The Peculiar Memories of Bruce Robinson

Excellent Channel 4 documentary from 1999 covering the whole of Withnail & I creator Robinson’s career up to that point. Featuring contributions from the likes of Andy Garcia, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Woolley, Roland Joffe and David Puttnam.

It provides a fascinating insight into the mind and work of Robinson, whose other credits include The Killing Fields, Jennifer 8, In Dreams, Fat Man & Little Boy and the novel The Peculiar Memories of  Thomas Penman.