Old Dogme, New Tricks

The impact of Dogme 95 wasn’t only felt in the cinema. Patrick Kingsley argues in The Guardian that its influence spread throughout Danish culture and triggered a renaissance in food, television production and architecture.

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Episode 24: Festen (1998)

Family get-togethers are often fraught with peril, especially in the movies and Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen is no exception. The first film to be made under the strict guidelines of Dogma 95, it was a big hit at the Cannes Film Festival at the time and has proven to be hugely influential in the twenty years since. Neither Cross or Gordy have seen it until now, will it be as big a hit with them?

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Episode 23: Midnight Run (1988)

Widely regarded as the pinnacle of mainstream ’80s Hollywood movie-making, striking a perfect balance between commercial considerations and the exploration of the human condition through art. Well, by Cross & Mitch anyway. Gordy’s watching it for the first time – will he agree?

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Episode 21: The Devil’s Rejects (2005)


Hillbilly Gordy takes us on brutal road trip to hang out with one of his favourite cinematic families. A grisly and depraved tale of mayhem ensues. Rock star Rob Zombie’s second film was new to Mitch though Cross had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen during its cinematic release.

It’s one of Gordy’s favourite films…ever!?!  What will Cross and Mitch think…?

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